Concrete Countertops Cost Installed, Plus Pros and Cons of Concrete Tops

If you think of the word concrete and it conjures up an image of something dull, grey and lifeless, you’re not alone. But one of the modern joys of concrete is how versatile it actually is.


You can actually choose from a range of colors, from pastel blues to vibrant reds; or you might consider stamping – which will turn your concrete slab into a design that replicates brick or stone. Concrete is heavyweight, so if you’re cooking up a feast you don’t have to worry about your knife slicing into the counter; and it’s easy to clean.

The best thing about using concrete for your countertops is that it can be a lot cheaper than other options that don’t look as good. You can buy it in a pre-cast counter that is generally 1.5 inches thick, and its available in slabs that measure up to 10 foot.

Cost: Between $3,500 and $6,500. Average cost per square foot: $80 to $150 to have your pre-cast slabs fitted.

ROI: Concrete is built to last. Take care of it and your return will be 100% over time.