Copper Countertops Cost Installed, Plus Pros and Cons of Copper Tops

If you are after a look that is modern and unique, the industrial look that you’ll get from copper countertops is well worth the consideration.

Increasing in popularity, it provides your kitchen with a look that is its own, with a blend of greens, browns and reds bringing your home to life.

Copper is easy to maintain (just mix a bit of lemon juice with some salt, then rinse with water), changes color when its mixed with other substances so you get a regular change of style (you could see this as a disadvantage though), and many types of copper alloy keeps the germs away (you just need to check with the EPA before you make that claim). It is also sustainable. The problems with copper are that it’s soft, so it is easier to damage and it isn’t cheap!

Cost: It varies greatly. Anywhere from $3,500 to $20,000. Average cost per square foot: $100.

ROI: It looks great, but it isn’t super practical for the kitchen and it damages easily. 100% for uniqueness, but we don’t see any financial return.

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