Soapstone Countertops Cost Installed, Plus Pros & Cons of Soapstone Tops

A natural stone, soapstone is made up predominantly from mineral talc, which gives it that soapy feeling – and the basis for the name. Soapstone is durable, suited for a hot environment (like your kitchen) and built to last.

via Five Star Stone

Head to the hills and you will probably find some old wood-burning stoves that date back 200 plus years that are made from soapstone and still in perfect condition.

It also has great resistance to stains and bacteria, which makes it an ideal base for food preparation. The only downsides are that color is limited, usually dark green-black; and the edges can get scratched over time, but that’s really the same as any types of bench-top.

Cost: Between $4,500 and $6,500 for materials and installation. Average cost per square foot: $100 to $150

ROI: Soapstone will last a lifetime, and then some. You can expect an approximately 80% cost-to-value return at resales (or better in the inflationary environment).

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